Who is lucky?

A crow living in the woods was happy with his life. He could fly freely from tree to tree breathing in the invigorating fresh air. He drank the fresh and cool water from the pond and had plenty of insects, worms and fruits to feast on.

One day when he had flown to another part of the woods, he saw a swan. The white beauty of the swan struck him and he wished that he could be as white as the swan. He thought that the swan was a very lucky bird to be gifted its snow white colour. When he commented on that to the swan, the swan told him, “I thought I was a very lucky bird to have this beautiful white colour until I saw the parrot who is a lovely green colour. He also has a little bit of red colour showing too. So with two colours, I think he is the luckiest bird.”

The crow went in search of the parrot and did find him beautiful with his two colours. He said to the parrot, “You are one lucky bird as you are so beautiful. You have two such lovely colours.” The parrot told the crow, “I thought I was lucky to have two beautiful colours until I saw the peacock. He has so many wonderful and vibrant colours which definitely makes him the luckiest bird.”

Since the crow could not find any peacock in the woods, he flew to a zoo in the nearby town to look for a peacock. He saw one in an enclosure. People were surrounding the peacock’s enclosure and exclaiming on the beauty of the bird.

The crow flew down into the enclosure and told the peacock, “You are very lucky. You have so many beautiful and striking colours; you must be one very happy bird.”

The peacock sighed and said, “It is because of my beauty that I am in captivity. There is not a single crow in a cage in this zoo. You can fly freely anywhere you want. You are the most lucky bird my friend.”

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A fact of life retold beautifully through the moral story.

Thank you, Geeta.

Classic story retold with new spirit ??

Thank you, Sucharita.

Beautifully written.Too good…

Thank you, Keerthi.

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