Where there is a will there is a way

‘I have only fifty rupees in my piggy bank,’ said Nisha counting the coins she had spread out before her.

‘And I have seventy-two rupees’, said Nitesh. The two siblings stared at each other, the same doubt in their minds- ‘Will the money they have be enough to buy anniversary gifts for their parents?’

That evening, when their tuition teacher, Ms. Leela arrived, they decided to ask her opinion. Ms. Leela said, ‘It is very nice of you children to think of buying gifts for your parents. But why do you think you can buy gifts only with money?’
‘Then how do we get them?’ asked Nisha.

‘Remember what I always tell you, where there is a will, there is a way.’

At bed time, Nisha and Nitesh discussed what they could do. Nitesh said, ‘Why did Ms. Leela remind us of the proverb she always talks about?’

‘Because she wanted us to know there are ways other than using money to give gifts for our parents.’

‘But how can we do that?’

‘Where there is a will there is a way, isn’t it? We have the will, so let us think of the ways.’

After a minute or two of silence Nitesh said, ‘Gifts make us happy, don’t they? So maybe we should give something that will make our parents happy.’

‘Mummy always says that she will be happy if we keep our rooms tidy.’

‘Daddy says he would be happy if he gets some help with his car cleaning.’

‘I know what we can do!’ jumped Nisha in excitement, ‘we can make a card and attach some slips, each with a promise to complete a task.’

Nitesh looked puzzled. Nisha took a sheet of paper and cut it into two. On one she wrote, ‘A promise to clean our rooms every Saturday.’ On another she wrote, ‘A promise to keep everything in its place.’

Nitesh caught on. He also tore a paper in half and wrote, ‘A promise to clean the car every Sunday.’ And on another, ‘A promise to arrange the shoes in the rack neatly.’

And the two children prepared ten such ‘promise gifts’, drew a beautiful card and attached the slips.

And when their parents saw the thoughtful gifts, they hugged them in delight and pride. No gift bought with money could have matched up to them!

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Very thoughtful story

Wonderful gifts for parents are indeed through the deeds of love…a value very well brought out.

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