Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Christmas was around the corner, Crystal and Natalie excitedly ran to up to their mother who was busy starting her preparations for the festival. The two sisters were pretty young, but would always show interest in helping their mother with things in whatever little way they could. “Mom, we really want to help you with all the Christmas preparations, please tell us what to do?”, requested the two girls to their mother. Mom told the two sisters that she would want them to help her with all the cleaning and decorations, but only after their school closes for Christmas.

Christmas vacations had started and the girls got to their job of helping their mom with cleaning as promised. Just when the girls started cleaning their room, their friends dropped in to call the sisters to play. That is when Crystal and Natalie suggested that their friends come home and help them with cleaning their room too. All the friends excitedly ran up to the kid’s room and started taking out toys one by one. They just didn’t take out all the toys but started playing with them too. While a few started playing with the Barbie house, the others got engrossed in playing carroms and ludo. Not one, but almost everyone forgetting what they had come for, including Crystal and Natalie.

Few hours into playing, they saw mom standing at the door smiling with juice and sandwiches for everyone. That’s when it clicked to everyone that they had not cleaned but rather had messed up the entire room. Everyone apologised to her, especially Crystal and Natalie. Mother just smiled and said, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” The kids looked clueless of what she had just said. That’s when she explained them that many a times a small task gets spoilt when many get involved. It is only better that a work is divided nicely in a way that it is done properly and not in a way that it leads to a bad job done or no job done at all. The kids learnt a lesson and divided themselves in small groups of two or three members with each group being assigned one task. The kids learnt a lesson and Christmas preparations went off smoothly.

To reflect upon

Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but why then is team work important?

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