Think before you Act

A wrestler climbing up the hill saw a man trying to move a huge boulder. The man was doing it very slowly and the boulder appeared to be moving only an inch at a time.

The wrestler thought, ‘Poor man. He is so thin and weak. I should go and help him. With my strong muscles, I will be able move the boulder in no time.’

He went straight to the man and without saying a word, he pushed the boulder with all his might and sent it rolling down the hill. The man watched aghast and helpless.

Pleased with himself, the wrestler turned to the man and was surprised to see the furious look on his face. The man said angrily, ‘Why did you push the boulder? I was trying to move it to place it and leave it over there’, he pointed to a spot a few metres away.

‘But why?’ asked the wrestler. ‘In the monsoon, strong winds blow. The boulder would have protected us and our orchards growing at the foot hill. Also, it would have slowed the gushes of water pouring down the hill. Now see what you have done. The boulder is lying at the bottom of the hill and it has also destroyed some of the saplings,’ and he sat down with his hands on his head grumbling at the wrestler’s foolishness.

The wrestler was indeed feeling very foolish. He regretted his impulsive action and felt that before sending the boulder scooting down, he should have asked the man.

He wanted to set things right. He went down the hill and spent the good part of an entire afternoon pushing it back up the hill. He placed it at the spot the man wanted and apologized for destroying his saplings.

The man who had calmed down by seeing the wrestler’s efforts in bringing the boulder back, told him, ‘always think before you act.’

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Good one.

Good one.

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