The Worth of a Miser’s Money

A miser, over a period of years, had naturally accumulated a lot of wealth as he did not spend a penny. He carefully stored the money in a box and hid it in a hole that he had dug under a tree in his garden. Almost every day, he dug out the box, counted the money and put the box back in the hole.

A thief who had been watching the miser for some time, correctly concluded that he had wealth hidden in the hole. One day he promptly dug up the hole, grabbed the box, filled the hole up and ran away with the box.

When the miser dug up the hole the next day, he was utterly shocked to find his box gone. He wailed loudly and lamented about his misfortune.

A passer-by stopped and asked him, “what is the matter? Why are you crying?”

The miser wept, “I had hidden all my money in this hole. Now it is stolen.”

The passer-by was surprised, “But why did you hide it here? Why did you not keep it in your house? Did you not need the money to spend on daily needs?”

The miser shouted, “What? Spend the money? Certainly not! I would not dream of doing that.”

The passer-by laughed and threw a stone into the hole. “In that case, you can cover that up. That stone is worth as much to you as your money!”

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Very nice …well written!

Thank you, Keerthi

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