The Wise Advice

Mrs. Leela was a school Principal in a small village in Vellore. She was about 55 years of age and had been a teacher for the longest time, more than 30 years to be precise. Mrs. Leela was not just a teacher, but also a very good friend to all her students. There was not one student in school who didn’t like her. She was a favourite for almost everyone. Not just the students, even the teachers and all the other non-teaching staff always had high regards for her. They knew that in case of any need, she would always be there to support in whatever way she could.

Mrs. Leela was also a very good orator. Everyone in school always looked forward to her assembly speeches. She always had the best advice to give her students. One day during the assembly, Mrs. Leela just asked all her students to think of one problem that was probably bothering them in some way. She ended by saying that she would try to give a solution in the next assembly. The next day all the children assembled at the ground, waiting to hear what Mrs. Leela had to say. They had all thought of their problems. After greeting the students for the day, Mrs. Leela suddenly cracked a very funny joke for all the students. Every child sitting there burst into loud giggles and laughter. After just a few minutes, she said the same joke again. This time, only a few of them smiled. Then again, Mrs. Leela went on to repeat the same joke for the third time. This time, no one really smiled or laughed anymore. Everyone looked clueless. That is when, Mrs. Leela just smiled and said, “Children, when you can’t laugh at the same joke over and over again, why do you always think, over think, worry and cry about the same problem?” This truly was probably the wisest advice or a solution that she could give, thought everyone in school and applauded her.

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