The Two Sisters

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Parul and Payal were two sisters. When their parents died, they left a blanket, a cow and a mango tree saying that the two sisters should share them.

Parul told Payal, ‘You can have the blanket in the day and I will have it in the night. You can have the front end of the cow and I will have its back end. The top part of the tree is for me and the bottom part is yours. Now we have shared the things our parents left us equally.’

Payal did not need the blanket in the mornings as she did not sleep but she spent the cold nights shivering while Parul slept in warmth covered by the blanket.
Payal had to feed and water the cow and Parul came and milked it making delicious butter and yoghurt for herself.

Payal had to water the mango tree and weed it and Payal came and plucked the delicious fruits and feasted on them.

Payal grew hungry and tired and her friend who was the headman’s daughter asked her what the matter was.

The headman too heard of the unfair sharing. He advised and gave a few suggestions to Payal.

Accordingly, Payal dipped the blanket in water before handing it over to Parul in the night. Parul spent the night shivering under the wet blanket.

Payal did not feed the cow and simply shouted at it. So when Parul came to milk it, it kicked out at her angrily and she fell down with a thud.

When Parul went to pluck mangoes she found Payal standing there with an axe, ready to chop the bottom part of the tree. Alarmed, Parul begged her to stop and asked, ‘Why are you behaving so unfairly?’

The headman came then and said, ‘Unfairly? Payal is giving you a taste of your medicine. It tastes bitter, doesn’t it?’

Parul hung her head in shame and from then on, the two sisters shared everything equally. Very soon they were selling dairy products and baskets of mangoes in the market.

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