The Two Friends

The royal elephant was the king’s pet. The king made sure that he had the best of everything; food, care and shelter. He appointed a caretaker to take care of all the needs of the elephant, ordering him to do his work diligently.

One day, when the elephant was resting after a grand meal, he saw a dog stealthily entering his shelter. He realized that the dog was hungry when he saw him gobble up his leftover food. The elephant did not mind, as he was actually quite lonely and needed a companion. The dog began to stay with the elephant. Soon the two animals became fast friends and spent all their time together.

A farmer, when saw the healthy and strong dog, asked the caretaker whether he could buy it for a sum. The caretaker found the farmer’s offer too good to pass up. He sold him the dog even when he knew the dog and the royal elephant were fast friends and that the elephant was overtly fond of the dog.

After the dog left, the elephant became very desolate. He refused to eat and drink and turned very weak. The king was shocked to see the state of his pet when he visited him. He asked the caretaker for the reason but fearing the king’s wrath, he feigned ignorance.

The royal vet on examining the elephant told the king that elephants were emotional animals and something had upset him. The king held an enquiry and soon the truth was known to him.

He proclaimed an award for the person who would find the dog and the farmer himself brought the dog back. The caretaker was duly reprimanded. He promised to return the farmer’s money and take care of the two animals diligently thereafter.

The royal elephant was ecstatic to have his friend back. He and the dog happily feasted on the royal spread laid down before them and continued to spend many happy years of friendship together.

To reflect upon

Emotional wellbeing is as important as physical welfare.

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Such a beautiful tale of friendship.

Thank you, Kiran. Yes, friendship stories are always touching.

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