The Three Turtles

Three turtles lived in a lake in the forest. They were good friends but they were very different from one another.

One turtle was very wise and always seemed to know what to do in any situation. Another turtle was quick-witted and often had great ideas to help them out. The third turtle was rather laid-back and left everything to fate, saying that he believed that it is destiny that takes care of life.

One day as the turtles were swimming near the banks of the lake, they overheard some voices. Listening to the conversation, the turtles realised that the voices belonged to hunters! They were saying, ‘This lake seems to have plenty of fishes and turtles. We will come back tomorrow with nets to catch them.’

The three turtles were frightened. The wise turtle said, ‘This lake is no longer safe. It is wise to move to another one, deeper in the forest.’

‘But that lake is so far away. It will take a day for us to swim towards it, ‘said the second turtle.

‘And that lake is also rather dark. I love this lake with its bright sunshine and pleasant surroundings,’ said the third turtle.

The wise turtle stuck to his decision of leaving the lake and began his long swim towards the lake deeper in the forest.
The quick-witted turtle and the third turtle stayed back. The next day, the hunters did arrive and cast large nets.
Alas! Both the turtles were caught. But the quick-witted turtle thought resourcefully and lay very still, pretending to be dead. The hunters thought that he was dead and threw him back into the lake. He swam to the bed, happy to be back in the lake he loved so much.

The third turtle, however, thought that destiny would take care of him and save him and he lay flitting in the net. Eventually the hunters captured him in a box and took him away with the rest of their catch.

Moral: First rise to the occasion, then destiny will take care of you.

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A good moral story

Too good a moral story.Yes…we have to do what is important first and then think of destiny!!

Good story with a very practical ending .

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