The Sun and the Wind

Once, the sun and the wind got into a fiery argument. The sun said that he was the stronger of the two. The wind vehemently disagreed and proclaimed himself stronger. As the heated argument continued, they noticed a man with a coat walking on a road.

The sight of the man with the coat, gave them an idea for a challenge.
The wind said, ‘The one who makes this man take off his coat should be declared stronger. No doubt it will be me, as I will do so in a jiffy.’
The sun agreed to take up this challenge.

The wind, who wanted to go first, puffed up his cheeks and began to blow hard. The man was startled by this gust of wind and he held on to his coat, pulling it tighter around him.

The harder the wind blew, the tighter the man wrapped the coat around him. Finally exhausted, the wind gave up.

Now it was the turn of the sun. He smiled gently and effortlessly began to shine over the man. Baffled by this change of weather, the man loosened his coat. After sometime, as the sun continued to shine, the heat was so intense, that he began to sweat. Unable to bear the heat, the man took off his coat and sat down to rest under a shady tree.

Seeing this, the wind quietly hid behind a cloud. Never did he challenge the sun again!

To reflect upon

It is gentle persuasion and not force, that yields the desired results.

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Good story. Do You have any bed time story? so that someone fall in love to sleep, a long sleep in midest of dream world.

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