The Saucepan Ploy

Maya had a neighbour Sharanya. Maya was a little envious of Sharanya as she owned many beautiful artefacts. And Sharanya was possessive, never lending or donating anything.

One of these artefacts was a porcelain saucepan. Maya fell in love with it, the instant she saw it during a party in Sharanya’s house. The saucepan was very attractive with vibrant colours and shone with a glaze. Maya thought she must possess it. She devised a plan to get hold of it, by taking advantage of Sharanya’s greedy nature.

She went to Sharanya and said, ‘Please let me borrow your saucepan for a day. I have some saints visiting me tomorrow. The handle of my saucepan is broken, so I need to borrow yours.’

Sharanya did not want to part with her saucepan. But she was a religious woman, she reluctantly agreed to lend it to her.

Maya kept the saucepan for over a month. Sharanya went to Maya and said, ‘You wanted to borrow my saucepan for a day but now it is over a month.’

Maya said joyously, ‘You have come at the right time Sharanya. I did not return your saucepan because it was in a delicate condition. Now it has given birth to a little saucepan. Look.’ And she handed the big and small saucepans to Sharanya.

Sharanya was astounded. A saucepan giving birth? How was it possible? But since she now got two saucepans instead of one, she quietly took them home.

A few weeks later Maya borrowed the saucepan again. After she did not return it even after three weeks, Sharanya went to get it back, secretly hoping that she would get another saucepan again.

But Maya wore a sad look and said, ‘I did not return your saucepan because it died. I buried it in my garden.’

Sharanya was furious. She went to the judge and complained. The judge called Maya and burst out laughing after listening to the whole story. While Sharanya bent her head in shame, the judge decided that Maya should have the kettle.

To reflect upon

Greed always leads to a fall.

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