The quick witted bull

Once a bull came across a cave in the forest. He decided to make it his home and settled in it with his family. They all loved the cave and spent their days happily.

One day, the bull spotted a tiger walking towards his cave. He sensed danger and acted quickly. He called out loudly to his wife, ‘Do not cook anything yet. I spotted a tiger which we can have for dinner.’

Hearing this, the foolish and terrified tiger ran in the opposite direction as fast as his four legs could take him. A fox saw the tiger running and was curious to know the reason. He ran after the tiger. He stopped him and asked, ‘Why are you running? You look terrified. Tell me the reason’

The tiger panted, ‘The bull just said that he wants to have me for dinner!’

The fox laughed and said, ‘What a fool the bull has made of you! Come let us go together and teach him a lesson. We can kill and feast on the bull and his family.’

But the tiger was too scared to agree. The fox said, ‘Why are you scared? I am coming along with you too, aren’t I? I will even tie my tail to yours, so you need not be afraid.’ So saying, the fox tied his and the tiger’s tail together and led him to the bull’s cave.

The bull spotted the duo heading towards his cave. Without batting an eyelid, he called out cheerfully, ‘Thank you my friend fox for bringing back the tiger to me.’

This was too much for the tiger. He fled with terror from the spot. The poor fox was dragged along, bumping into rocks and trees as the tiger jumped and ran hither and thither.

Moral: A quick mind helps you rise to any occasion.

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Very good a tale…well written down!

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