The Ox and the Frog

There was a pretty meadow on the outskirts of a village which had a huge pond. The creatures there like dragon flies, bumble bees, butterflies, lady bugs and ants were indeed happy with the fresh water, green grass and plenty of sunshine and food to eat. The only problem they faced was from a frog who lived in the pond. This frog was not ordinary. He was huge and was very vain about it. He had a huge sticky tongue and could catch a dozen insects at a time. He declared he was the king of the meadow and all the creatures had to obey his commands.

In a nearby farm there lived an old ox. The farmer loved him as he had worked hard at his farm. He had ploughed, fetched and even given rides to his delighted children. Now he was old to do any work but the farmer did not want to sell or give him away. So he left him in the meadow everyday so that he could enjoy the sunshine and feast on the green grass. The ox was extremely happy that he could spend his old age in such pleasure.

The tiny creatures who had never left the meadow were petrified of this huge creature. They tried to keep away from him but the ants who had their home in the meadow could not get away fast when they saw the ox approaching. They tried to scamper but saw the hooves of the ox upon them. Suddenly the ox stopped and stepped away, changed direction and headed away. A blue dragonfly who was watching too in horror, suddenly lost balance and fell on the ox’s back. The creatures thought that the ox would be angry but he just kept on walking.

The creatures decided that the ox was not fearsome as they had assumed. They enjoyed having him around, hitching a ride on his back or going to sleep on him enjoying the warmth. They spent all the time with the ox.

The jealous frog could not do anything. All the creatures had stopped being afraid of his hugeness. They had seen a much bigger creature and instead of being afraid, they were happy being in his company. The frog understood that size cannot demand respect and friendship; only friendly actions can.

To Reflect on:
What is the best way to build goodwill?

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Such a cute story…too good

Very true! Well written indeed.

Well written. Was a pleasure to read

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