The Naughty Twins

Mini and Myna were two 6-year-old, identical twin sisters. They were not just very cute looking but were quite naughty too. As the girls mostly wore similar frocks, many often mistook them for the other twin, and the little girls always had a good laugh about the same. One day it was their friend Ritu’s birthday. Ritu had brought chocolates for all her friends in the playground. That is when Mini came and asked Ritu for another piece of chocolate. “Did I not give you a chocolate already?” “No, you didn’t Ritu. You might have given it to Myna,” said Mini. Ritu not realizing that Myna had not come to the park that day, gave another chocolate to Mini.

Mini did not know that her mother had noticed how she fooled Ritu for a small piece of chocolate. Not just Mini, even her sister Myna too had done something similar before. It was high time to make both the girls realise that it wasn’t good to be fooling people for personal gain, thought the mother to herself. She thought of ideas to do the same. Once Mini was back home, she noticed that her mother was feeding a nice big piece of cake to Myna. “What about me? Why aren’t you feeding me a cake?” “No Mini, I already gave you a piece of cake, don’t ask me again.” Mini seemed clueless. Myna too looked amused. “No mama, you didn’t. You only fed Myna, not me.” Myna too spoke in support of Mini.

“Are you both very sure?” Asked their mother. “Yes,” said both together. The sisters were made to sit together and their mother explained to them and made them realize their mistake. She explained to them that fooling people was never a good thing and doing that would make people dislike them. The girls understood what their mother explained and hence learnt a lesson for life.

To reflect upon

What happens when people realize that you had lied to them?

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