The Mice and the Elephants

The kingdom of Vijayapura fell to bad times. The once prosperous kingdom, turned into ruins. The people slowly started moving to other towns and kingdoms seeking a better life and soon the kingdom had no inhabitants. Except mice! The mice did not move away as now the few fruit trees and the lake filled with water was solely theirs to take.

Gradually the mice grew in number and several years passed. There was a dense forest with a thick vegetation and a huge river close to city of the mice. One year, there was a drought and the river ran dry. A herd of elephants living in the forest were forced to leave it in search of water.

They came to the lake and were delighted to see the fresh and clear water. They rushed to inform their queen and soon a horde of elephants started to visit the lake. This horrified the mice as many of them were trampled under the huge elephants’ feet as the small creatures were not noticed by the enormous animals.

Fearing that this would become a frequent occurrence, the mice decided to approach the queen to voice their concern. An old mouse spoke to her and requested that her horde take a different route to the lake. The queen was indeed sorry for the loss of the mice and instantly agreed. The grateful mice thanked the queen and the old mouse assured her of their help if a need arose.

One day, the king of a nearby kingdom, with an intention of building a huge army, sent his soldiers to capture elephants. They dug trenches, covered them with leaves and laid bananas on them to trap elephants. The poor elephants fell for the trap. When the mice heard about this, they immediately set out to free the elephants. They waited till the elephants were lifted out and tied to trees in the night before being taken to the city in the morning. Then all the mice got to work. They soon cut the ropes with their sharp teeth and all the elephants ran away in a group as the helpless soldiers looked on.

To reflect upon

A good turn always begets another.

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