The Hasty Boy

Chinnu was a very hasty boy. He was always in a rush to do things. He drank his milk too fast and ended up spluttering and coughing. He gobbled his food without chewing properly and have indigestion afterwards. He left books behind at home in his haste to pack his bag. Whenever he went out of the house, he never bothered to strap on his slip-ons or if he were to wear shoes, he never tied the laces as he was always in a rush.

Chinnu’s parents were vexed with Chinnu and his hasty nature. They tried various ways to put an end to it but could not do so. One day, when Chinnu rushed out of the house in his usual hasty way, his unstrapped slip-on came loose. He tripped and fell tumbling down four stairs. His mother rushed out and saw him on the floor with blood on his hand and leg. She called his father and they rushed him to the hospital.

On examining Chinnu, the doctor said that he required three sutures on his right hand and two on his left leg. Chinnu’s mother, though beside herself with worry, was also fuming about Chinnu’s hasty nature. She blurted out to the doctor about all the troubles it created for him. The doctor listened sympathetically and told them about a plan to cure Chinnu of his hastiness. His parents readily agreed to it.

The doctor administered local anesthesia to Chinnu’s hand and leg and sutured the cuts. Then he told Chinnu that when he was stitching the cuts, Chinnu’s right hand and left leg complained about Chinnu to him. They told him that Chinnu was always making them do things in a hurry and that they were tired of it. Sometimes, they had to do the things all over again as it was not done correctly owing to Chinnu’s haste. So exasperated with this hasty nature, they proclaimed to the doctor they had decided never to listen to him again.

Hearing this, Chinnu tried to lift his right hand but could not move even a finger. Then he tried to stand up but all he could move was his right leg. His left leg seemed not to be there at all.

Chinnu was terrified. He begged the doctor to make his hand and leg listen to him. The doctor said that he would try doing so but only on the condition that he promise never to be hasty again. Chinnu vehemently promised. Then the doctor asked him to sleep and rest. He assured him that he would try and convince his hand and leg to obey him when he went to sleep. Chinnu fell asleep as he was exhausted with the pain and the worry.

When he awoke, he saw his parents and the doctor beside him. The effects of the anesthesia had worn off but not the scare Chinnu had experienced when he was not able to move his hand and leg. The doctor told him that he had assured his hand and leg about his promise and now they had agreed to listen to him. Relieved, Chinnu raised his right hand and then stood up and when he was able to do so, gratefully shook the doctor’s hand.

Now whenever Chinnu is inclined to hurry even a little, his parents have only to remind him of the day his hand and leg refused to listen to him, and Chinnu immediately slows down. Chinnu had learnt his lesson, well and truly.

To reflect upon

Why is it said, “Haste makes Waste?”

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A moral story well told with a funny twist to it.

A very clever way to teach children not to be in a hurry!!

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