The friendly sparrows

Once, there lived on a huge mango tree, two little sparrows named Mini and Sini. The two were the best of friends and were always seen together. They stayed together, flew together over the farms and were never seen away from each other. They were famous in the village as the “inseparable friends” and everyone loved them for that, except Khemu, the wicked crow.

“I fail to understand, why Sini and Mini get all the attention from everyone all the time,” said a frowning Khemu to himself. He always wondered why everyone in the village had a soft spot for the two little sparrows. From all the small children to all the elders, everyone loved the two cute sparrows, and seeing them together always brought a smile on everyone’s faces. Not just that, all the other birds and animals in the village too liked Mini and Sini, except for of course, Khemu, the crow.

He was the only one who kept thinking of nasty ideas to put an end to their beautiful friendship. Once he went to a nearby bakery and stole a piece of the most delicious cookie. Next morning when the two birds flew off their nest, he placed the cookie on the nest where the two stayed. He did this to see the two fight for that cookie. Unaware of his ill intentions, the two greeted Khemu like they did every day.

“Khemu, we saw your little baby crying. May be, it was hungry. Here is this cookie that we found in our nest for you to give your hungry baby,” said the two sparrows. Khemu felt guilty for his misdeed. He realized how wrong he was.  Sini and Mini were not just friendly but very generous too. Thus, Khemu promised to himself that he would never be too judgmental about anyone and that was a lesson he learnt for life.

To reflect upon

Often our jealousy of others prevents us from understanding their true nature. Do you agree?

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