The Foolish Woodcutter

A woodcutter was finding it difficult to carry his heavy bundles of wood to the market. He thought that it would be a good idea to buy a donkey.
One morning, he set off to the market and bought a grey donkey. He led the donkey by a rope tied to its neck and started to walk back home. When he passed a lonely stretch, two cunning boys spotted him. They thought of a plan to rob the woodcutter’s donkey.
The boys followed the wood cutter and just as he was turning around a bend, one boy smoothly removed the loop of rope from the donkey’s neck and put it around his own. He then began to follow the woodcutter while the other boy led the donkey away in the opposite direction grinning to himself all the way to his home.
When the woodcutter reached home, he was astonished to see a boy instead of his donkey. ‘How did you get here? Where is my donkey?’ he asked the boy.
The boy answered in a subdued voice, ‘I was rude to my mother and so was turned into a donkey. When you purchased me, the curse turned me back into a boy.’
The woodcutter admonished the boy and told him to go home. ‘And do not be rude to your mother ever again,’ he told the boy. The boy went home laughing at the way they had played a trick on the foolish woodcutter.
The next morning, the woodcutter went back to the market to buy a donkey again. When he was looking at all the donkeys lined up for sale, he saw the same grey donkey standing at the stall.
He slapped his head and said, ‘That foolish boy! He was rude to his mother again!’

Moral: Anyone can take advantage of fools.

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Very true ….fools will always remain fools!!

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