The Clever Sheep

A crafty lion had chanced upon a flock of sheep during his wanderings in the forest. When he saw the big and fat sheep in the flock, his mouth watered. He thought, ‘I can stay in this place if I can get one of these fat sheep every day. I must trick these foolish sheep.’

So when he spotted two sheep grazing on a patch of grass, he went and stood at a distance. When the sheep noticed him, they prepared to flee. But the lion called out in a friendly voice, ‘Do not run. I am your friend as I am a friend of the forest. I came here to show you a place where you can get fresh water.’

One sheep felt happy at the thought of fresh water and started to follow the lion. But the other sheep was clever. He said to his friend, ‘Do not trust the lion. I suspect a trick.’

But his friend, who was very thirsty, did not listen and followed the lion. The lion lured him into a patch of tall grass. He then killed him and ate him up.

When his friend did not return, the sheep was sure that the lion had killed him.

This began to happen every day and the sheep grew alarmed at the dwindling numbers of his flock. He tried to warn them but the cunning lion had immense convincing skills which his flock fell prey to.
The sheep decided that he had to act quickly. He dug up a deep hole, filled it with dry grass and branches and set them on fire. He then covered the hole carefully so no smoke could escape.

The sheep went to the lion and said, ‘Please do not kill my friends. I can show you a flock of deer nearby. You can eat them.’

The lion was cunning but greedy. He was also getting tired of sheep flesh. So he greedily came out of the tall grass and immediately fell into the hole dug up by the sheep and was killed by the burning flames.

The clever sheep had observed and used the lion’s own tactics successfully!

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