The Capseller and the Monkeys – A Rhyming Tale

Once there lived a cap seller,
who sold colourful caps in every weather.

Summer, winter, spring or fall,
selling caps, was his only call.

Selling caps from town to town,
without seeing the clock ticking around.

One day he was tired, walking with his basket full of caps,
sweating in the sun, made him think of taking a nap.

He went to sleep under a huge tree nearby,
keeping his basket of caps, by his side.

The cap seller didn’t know there were monkeys on the tree,
who emptied the basket, taking all the caps for free.

Waking up the cap seller got a very big shock,
Alas!!! The caps were missing, and he did gawk.

Looking up he realised his caps were with the monkeys,
thinking of ideas to get them back, not one but plenty.

Following an idea,
he pretended to throw a cap.
The monkeys did the same,
not realising they had fallen in his trap.

The cap seller picked up all his caps with a smile,
Getting back to his job of selling, while walking many miles.

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