The Bird with Two Heads – A Panchatantra Tale Retold

Once upon a time there lived a bird named Bharunda. Everything about him was normal, he had two feet, wings and one stomach but for his head; he had two of them!

One day while wandering on the banks of the lake, one of the heads saw a delicious fruit. He started to devour it.

He smacked his lips and said, “This is the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten!”

Hearing this, the other head said, “I also want to taste this delicious fruit. Pass me one.”

The first head did not want to share. He justified, “You do not have to eat this fruit. Since we have only one stomach, whichever head eats first will fill up the stomach.”

He continued, “Since I am the one who found this fruit, I hold the right to taste and relish it.”

The other head who had become silent and disappointed after hearing this thought, “I have to teach this head a lesson.”

Another day, the other head found a tree bearing poisonous fruit. He plucked the fruits and told the first head, “You deceitful head, you did not share your fruit with me. Now I will eat this poisonous fruit to teach you a lesson.”

The first head shouted in fear, “Please do not eat this poisonous fruit. It will kill both of us!”

The other head said, “Be quiet. Since I found this fruit, I hold the right to eat it.”

Saying so, he consumed the poisonous fruit with the first head watching in horror. Soon the bird died.

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Really nice. Well written and illustrated. 🙂

Thank you, Dhiganth.

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