The Ant and the Dove – An Aesop’s Fable

An ant, searching for food in a forest, felt thirsty. He bent down to drink water from a river. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew him into the water. The helpless ant struggled to climb up to the bank. Every time he tried, he fell right back into the water.

A dove flying above the river noticed the difficulties of the ant. He plucked a large leaf from a nearby tree and gently dropped it on the water, near the ant. The ant climbed on to the leaf. He looked at the dove gratefully as the flow of the river pushed the leaf towards the bank and he got off safely.

One day, when the ant was trying to climb a tree, he saw a hunter. He was poised with his bow and arrow pointing it at something in the sky. When the ant looked up, he saw to his horror, that it was the dove!

The ant acted quickly. He climbed up the hunter’s feet and bit him hard. The hunter immediately missed his aim and the arrow flew far away from the dove. But the sight of the arrow had alerted the dove. He immediately flew away to safety.

To reflect upon

What goes around, comes around. What do you think?

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