Tenali Raman and the Weight Lifter – A Retold Story

Tenali Raman and his wife were travelling to Hampi. While passing a village situated at a foothill, they noticed a huge gathering. Curious, they stopped and pushed through the crowd.

They saw a weightlifter exhibiting his strength. He was carrying a huge gunny bag on his shoulders and walking round.

A man next to Tenali said, “He is carrying 500 quintals of rice.”
Tenali immediately blurted out loudly, “That is nothing; I can carry a thousand times more weight than that.”

Startled, the crowd including the weightlifter, stared at Tenali. The village chief stepped up and said, “If that is true, let us see you do it.”
Tenali replied, “I can carry this hill on my bare shoulder. Give me six months’ time as carrying a hill needs a lot of preparation.”

“I will also need huge quantities of food and a person to massage my muscles every day as well as a place to live.”

The excited villagers agreed to all his conditions.

Tenali and his wife led a royal life with plenty of milk, honey, curd, rice and other treats. Additionally, Tenali got a body massage every day.

When the D-day arrived, all the villagers gathered near the hill. Tenali and his wife arrived in style on a cart. He jumped down and flexed his muscles. Then he sat in the pose of a warrior and announced he was ready.

The puzzled chief and villagers asked him, “What are you ready for?”
Tenali said, “Why, I am ready for your men to place the hill on my shoulders. How am I supposed to carry it?”

The chief was taken aback at first. But when he understood clever Tenali’s wit, he saluted him.

Tenali and his wife continued on their journey to Hampi but with plenty of gifts from the appreciative villagers and their chief!

To reflect upon

A sharp mind can help us get out of difficult situations. Do You agree?

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Very clever indeed…good one!

Thank you, Keerthi 🙂

Nice one ✌️

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