Somu, the thief

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Somu was a thief. He kept a watch on houses to find out if the inhabitants were travelling and any house was going to be left locked up for a few days. And that is when he made his strike. Somu had grown very deft with his thieving skills and had managed to make a handsome amount of money with his burglaries.

One particular night, he decided to burgle a house in his neighbouring street. He had noticed that it had been locked up for two days and that night even if it was very late, nobody seemed to be coming. He was confident that nobody would come too, as he knew people often arrived in the mornings from a trip.

He circled the house and found a door that he could open after using his tools. He stepped inside and opened a cupboard. He found some money and as he was counting it, the lights were switched on.

A man stepped up and said, ‘I own this house. I had just entered when I noticed the side door opening and then saw you going to the cupboard.’

Somu stood stuttering in fright. He thought that the man would call the police and hand him over to them. He was sure he would be sent to prison.

But the man said, ‘You can keep the money. It looks like you need it more than me.’

‘But when you rob another person of his or her money, will you stop to think that they might need it more than you? Many people will be saving up their money for so many desperate reasons. I hope you realize that the next time you think of breaking into a house.’

Somu was ashamed of himself. He vowed never to steal again and to make an honest living.

Moral: A moment of reasoning can change a vice.

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