Shadow for Hire

A man, living in the desert, owned a donkey. He earned his living by letting his donkey for hire to travellers. One day a traveller hired his donkey to travel to the city.

They set off early in the morning, with the donkey carrying the traveller and his luggage. The man walked alongside, holding the donkey’s reins.

Soon it was noon. The sun rose high and the heat was scorching. The traveller wanted to rest for a while in a shaded place but there was no tree anywhere for shade. The only place that offered shade was the donkey’s shadow. The traveller got off the donkey’s back and spread a mat in the shadow to rest in the shade.

The man also wanted to rest in the donkey’s shadow, but the place was not sufficient for the two of them to sit together.

The man told the traveller crossly, ‘I let out only the donkey and not its shadow to you, so I should sit here.’

The traveller retorted, ‘When I hired the donkey, I rented all the features too. So I should rest here.’

They continued quarrelling for a long time and finally came to blows. In the fight, the donkey accidently got a whack and it took flight immediately.

It galloped away so fast that the man could not catch it.

The traveller had to travel the rest of the journey on foot in the hot sun.

The man spent hours too in the scorching heat looking for his donkey.

To reflect upon

Foolhardiness brings your worst side out thereby creating a despairing situation.

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