Save Water

Sarnitha was waiting excitedly for her friends. They were visiting her house. Then they planned to go to a nearby park to play. Her parents were at work and her grandmother was resting.

Soon her friends arrived and they sat in the living room discussing the games they wanted to play in the park. Sarnitha picked up the snack basket her mother had left for them and was all set to leave the house, when she heard a sound. It was the sound of running water. Sarnitha checked to see if the tap was left turned on in her bathroom but she realized the sound was from another floor.

She went to her friends and said, ‘Water is flowing somewhere in our building, let us go and check.’ Her friends who were impatient to get to the park, protested. But Sarnitha said, ‘We must not let water go waste. That is what we learnt from our science lesson, isn’t it?’

Her friends sighed and followed Sarnitha. She checked each floor but her neighbours said that all their taps were closed. When they went to the ground floor, they found one house locked and the sound was heard clearly. ‘What do we do now?’ asked Arjun. ‘Let us get the watchman, he will know what to do,’ said Sarnitha.

The watchman had the residents’ number. He called them and informed about the water flow and they said they would immediately return and turn off the tap. ‘But why did they leave it open in the first place?’ Pavni wondered. ‘Ah, the water had stopped in the morning and the supply resumed only half an hour ago,’ explained he watchman. ‘So they must have left it open!’ understood the children.

Soon her neighbours arrived and rushed to close the tap. Everyone praised Sarnitha and her friends for their awareness about water conservation. Her friends felt proud and happy too that they had listened to Sarnitha. They did not mind being late for the park now!

To Reflect on:
Can you imagine what would happen if we ran out of water?

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Rightly written👍, water is precious. Save it.

Water is quite precious and this story gives out the importance of it . Nicely written

Message very well conveyed…too good

Its very nice story…keep going ahead kanchana

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