Ronnie admits his mistake

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Ronnie loved playing with his ball. He was always bouncing it or throwing it up in the air and catching it. As long as he played outdoors, it was fine. But his mother drew the line about playing indoors. She said he would end up breaking many things placed in the house including the lights and artefacts.

But Ronnie would not listen. He played with his ball inside the house as well, especially when his mother was out or busy in the kitchen. As expected, one day, his ball bounced on the table and fell on his grandfather’s glasses and broke them. Ronnie was horrified. His mother was out and his grandfather was taking a nap. He quietly hid his ball and left the broken glasses on the table untouched. His mother returned home, but Ronnie was too sacred to tell her anything.

When his grandfather woke up and went to get his glasses, he was taken aback to find them broken. Ronnie’s mother too was shocked. They did not understand how they had broken as Ronnie too feigned ignorance. But Ronnie was feeling very guilty. He realized that he should have listened to his mother and not have played with his ball inside the house.

By evening, he was feeling very remorseful indeed. When his grandfather had to cancel his evening walk with his friends which he really enjoyed, Ronnie could not hold back any longer. He admitted that it was his ball that had broken his grandfather’s glasses. His mother was upset that Ronnie had disobeyed her rules about playing inside the house, but his grandfather smiled and said, ‘Everyone makes mistakes. But strong people admit them and wise people do not repeat them. I am proud that you are strong enough to admit your mistake Ronnie. Now be wise enough not to repeat it too.’

Ronnie promised. His mother hugged him, knowing that he would keep his promise.

Moral: Everyone makes mistakes, wise people do not repeat them.

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Sweet story and well narrated.

Wow! Nice story and superb narration !!

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