Pride comes before a fall

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Karna and Raju were friends. Well, actually Raju followed Karna everywhere as he was in awe of him. Raju was short for his age and he was always looking up at boys who were tall. Karna was a tall boy and deeply proud of his height. He knew Raju looked up at him and felt rather important about it. He made Raju feel that he was doing him a favour by letting him be his friend.

Raju often felt hurt by Karna’s behaviour. Karna teased him when he was with his group of friends. He did not defend Raju when they made fun of his height. But at the same time, Raju felt happy that he allowed him to be his friend.
One day, Karan and Raju went for a walk to a hill. They loved the gooseberries that grew on trees on the top of the hill. So they thought they could go and collect bunches of the berries to bring back home and eat them with salt and chilli powder.

It was a particularly windy day and as the two boys reached the top of the hill, it grew into a full-fledged storm. The water started to pour down in heavy streams and the boys felt that they would be carried down by the force.
Raju caught hold of a tree branch and clutched it for dear life. Karna did the same, but being a tall and well-built boy, the branch broke off and he went rolling down the hill. He managed to fall into a pit and stayed there, his whole body hurting until the storm subsided.

After the rain and wind abated, Raju came searching frantically for Karna. He found him in the pit and with Raju’s help Karna was able to go back home.

Karna stopped being proud about his height. He realized that size of the body is incidental, it is the size of the heart that matters most. He stopped teasing Raju and they became the best of friends.

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Too good …well narrated too!!

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