Natural Instinct

Many hens lived on a farm which was situated at the bottom of a hill. There was a flat stone in a crevice at the top of the hill, where a family of eagles decided to build their nest. The mother eagle soon laid eggs in the nest.

One day a tremor occurred. This caused an eagle’s egg to roll down the hill and into the farm. The hens who saw it, decided to take care of it. Soon the egg cracked and a baby eagle was born. But the hens treated him like their own chicken. He nibbled on the scattered corn with the other chickens. He played games and ran around the farm with them. He never tried to use his wings as none of the chicks did.

Once when there was a clear sky, the baby eagle happened to look up. He saw a few eagles soaring high in the sky. He was fascinated by the sight. He kept staring at the eagles wondering how they could fly so high. He told the hens and chicks that he wished he could fly. The hens laughed at him and said, ‘You are a chicken and will soon be a hen. You cannot fly.’ The baby eagle felt sad and downcast.

The next day, the baby eagle saw the eagles soaring in the sky again. They were flying lower than usual. The baby eagle tried to copy them. He spread out his wings. Slowly he began to flap them. To his delight, his feet took off the ground and he was able to stay in the air.

The excited eagle practiced spreading out and flapping his wings just as he had seen the eagles do it. Within a few days he was airborne. And within a week he was soaring high up in the sky along with the other eagles as the astonished hens looked on.

To reflect upon

What is the importance of one’s instinct?

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