Look Before You Leap

Once in a jungle there lived three best friends, Bunny the rabbit, Nandu the deer and Mithu the parrot. The three had been friends for quite long and enjoyed each other’s company immensely. One day a clever fox was passing by the forest, when he noticed the three friends together. He thought of ideas to befriend them. As the fox was looking for options and ideas to hunt for food for the coming days, he thought the three friends would make a good treat without much effort. “Wow! The deer looks quite young and healthy, I am sure it’ll make for a great meal,” thought the fox to himself. The cunning fox thought of befriending the three friends in a way that they would never have any doubts on his ill intentions.

The next day, the fox went up to the three friends and in a very polite tone asked them if he could join the friends too. “I am so lonely, I have no friends to go to, please can I be your friend?” asked the fox. Nandu and Mithu felt quite sad for the fox and they actually fell for everything the fox said, not once realising that the fox was just lying throughout. Bunny, the rabbit was the smarter of the lot. He was somewhere quite sure that the fox was lying, but still pretended as if he too would be friends with the fox. One day the fox starting talking about a nearby farm were there were lots of fresh veggies, from carrots, beetroots, cabbage to even corn. I am going there now, if anyone is interested you can surely join me tomorrow. Fox was sure that they would all jump to go with him, but it was only Nandu, the deer who seemed interested. Fox didn’t say much and just left.

Nandu was too tempted with the thought of eating so many veggies, that he didn’t even think once that it was all just a plan. Bunny, the rabbit was sure that it was all a trap. He even requested Nandu to not trust the fox so blindly. Nandu got angry with Bunny for being so doubtful, that the argument even led to a fight between the two friends. “I don’t care what Bunny says, I would definitely go to the farm tomorrow with the fox,” said Nandu, the deer to his two friends. That’s when Mithu requested his friends not to fight. He said that, without the fox getting to know, he would keep an eye on the fox and see if there was any truth to whatever the fox said. Mithu flew around the fox for few hours, only to realise that the fox was cheating him and his friends. When Mithu came and informed the two about the ill intentions of the fox, Nandu, the deer felt very sad and that very moment apologised to his closest friend for not listening to him. “Look before you leap,” my friend, said the rabbit to the deer. “Don’t ever act without thinking of the dangers in such cases.” The three friends were back together and promised to be with each other through thick and thin.

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