Little drops of water make a mighty ocean

Savitha and Gopal earned their living by ironing people’s clothes. They had a cart under a neem tree in the neighbourhood where they did the ironing. In the morning, the couple would set out of their house with their lunch bags. While Gopal heated the coal and got the iron box ready, Savitha would go the houses in the neighbourhood and collect the clothes to be ironed. They did this for almost every house in the neighbourhod. Gopal and Savitha worked hard from morning till evening.
Every evening after counting out the day’s earnings, Savitha would keep aside ten rupees in a plastic container. She kept this on a shelf above her kitchen stove. Gopal would tease her about it, ‘What can you do with ten rupees?’

To which, Savitha’s reply would always be, ‘Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.’

One December, their city was affected by a cyclone. The high speed winds caused severe damage to trees, vehicles and property. Among the properties damaged was Savitha and Gopal’s cart.

The powerful wind lifted and flung the cart and it hit a wall and broke. It was beyond repair. Only the iron could be salvaged although it needed a few repairs too.

Gopal was very worried as the cart was their only means of livelihood. He could not invest a huge sum all of a sudden to buy the cart. Nor could he afford not to have one as he needed to begin his ironing services or he would lose his customers.

Seeing his worried face, Savitha fetched the plastic box from her kitchen shelf. There was not just one box, but three similar ones and one huge box too.

As she removed the ten rupee notes and stacked them in piles, Gopal realized that he had enough and more money to not just buy a new cart but to get his iron repaired too.

Savitha’s belief that little drops of water make a mighty ocean was indeed wise and true.

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Very true..very well written

Thank you Keerthi, your reviews are indeed inspiring.

A good moral for all of us running in the fast lane. All our kids need to be educated on the importance of little things that can change the future. Kudos to the author for reminding us, to be in touch with our humble beginnings!!

Thank you, Vishu, for the motivating acknowledgment.

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