Lion and the mouse

Once in a jungle was roaming a little mouse,
Running here and there, in search of a house.

The mouse ran fast, and suddenly heard a thud,
Not realizing what it was, he just fell on the mud.

He saw something big, that was huge and furry,
Without thinking once, he climbed on that in a hurry.

The mouse jumped and jumped, and played on it like a slide,
Oh dear!  It was an animal, and that too wild!

Within no time, there was a loud roar,
The lion was up, and the mouse was scared for sure.

Forgive me, please forgive me, cried the little mouse.
Oh my Majesty, you are the king!
Accept my apologies, I am just a tiny mouse.

You disturbed my sleep, roared the Lion King,
How do you think I’ll forgive you, you tiny thing?

I’ll come to your help, if ever you are in need,
Forgive me this time, I sincerely plead.

This made the lion laugh out loud and snide,
Ha ha ha! How can a little mouse help me, thought the lion with pride.

You made me laugh, said the lion, so I let you free,
In no time, the mouse ran and hid itself in a tree.

Few days later, the lion found itself in a big threat,
As he was trapped and there was no way he could bring himself out of the super big net.

Passing by there was the tiny  mouse,
Don’t worry your highness, I’ve come to your rescue, said he, in his squeaky little voice.

The mouse bit the net with his sharp teeth,
And the lion was out of the trap, finally now able to breath.

I thank you,  I thank you, my dear little friend,
I promise that I’ll be your friend till my very end

You proved to me that a friend in need is surely a friend indeed

Promises they made, which they broke never,
And thus, the lion and the mouse became friends forever

To reflect upon

Often, help comes from the most unexpected sources. Do you agree? Have you had such an experience?

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Comments (4)

You will never know who comes to your aid when. So never think less of anyone. They might be your saviour some day. Also never ever forget those who where there when you needed the most.

Very interesting way in which the story has been narrated in a rhyming manner… Kids would definitely enjoy it ?

Thank you so much, Varun… 🙂

Super Deepthi, refreshing way to read the famous story !!!

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