Kutti’s ambition

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One summer, Kutti’s house was being renovated. She sat watching in fascination at the carpenter’s work. As she saw the carpenter drive in a nail and screw it in tightly to fix the door of her new, colourful wardrobe, she thought, ‘I will be a carpenter when I grow up’.

The next month, Kutti was visiting the doctor for a regular check-up. Inside the consulting room, she saw impressive quipment lining the shelves of the doctor’s room. It made her think that she would most certainly be a doctor when she grew up.

One evening, Kutti sat watching a badminton match on TV with mummy. As the player scored the winning shot and the audience broke into an uproarious applause, Kutti felt that she should become a badminton player and win many matches.
One Sunday, Kutti’s brother complained that the bathroom door was loose and would not shut properly. Her daddy too grumbled about it. Mummy took a screw driver and tightened the hinges of the door and it worked like new!
Kutti returned home with a tummy ache. As she was moaning with pain, mummy picked out some bottles from her neatly stacked shelves, prepared a concoction and handed it to Kutti. It was not only tasty but made her tummy ache vanish within no time and she ran out to play happily.

Kutti’s apartment building had arranged fun and games for the New Year. Badminton matches were also being played. Mummy won every single match and Kutti clapped the loudest in the audience.
One day in school, Kutti’s teacher asked the children, ‘Tell the class about your ambition children. What do you want to be when you grow up?’

Sharan said, ‘Doctor’. Divya said, ‘Baker’. Hari said, ‘Teacher’.
And Kutti said, ‘I want to become mummy!’

To reflect Upon:
Efficient mothers train by example.

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