Hare and the Tortoise

Once in a jungle,
there lived a tiny hare,
Who often bragged about his speed,
that none could bear

Everyone was tired hearing the little hare boast,
That’s when the tortoise challenged the hare, in a race from pillar to post

The hare heard the challenge and laughed out loud with snide,
“I am much faster than you”, he said to the tortoise with pride”

The animals in the jungle were ready for the race to start,
The two challengers stood together, just a little apart

“One, two, three”, said the other animals as the race began,
Tortoise slowly took the first two steps, while the hare hopped high and ran

The hare crossed a distance and stopped for a while,
Looked behind and realised the tortoise was behind many miles

The hare was sure he would win, so thought of taking a nap,
Not realizing the tortoise walked past him in that very gap

The hare woke up to loud claps and cheers,
Only to find he lost the race and was now in tears.

Though a little late, hare finally realized his mistake,
Learning a lesson that slow and steady always wins the race.

To reflect upon

Have you noticed the difference between when you do things in a hurry and when you take time to think and then act?

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Nice Deepthi, Always enjoy your reflect upon at the end of each story !!! Great way to get the kids thinking!!

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