Hard work pays

Mary was a devoted teacher. She taught lessons in a style that children understood and enjoyed. She was also very creative and would always think up if ways to teach new things to the children. She believed that children had to be taught not just lessons from the books but lessons of life as well.

One day she came up with an idea to make her students understand the importance of hard work and that hard work bears fruits. She placed a wooden closet in the centre of the corridor which led to her classroom. Then she waited to see what her students would do.

The first student stopped and stared at the closet. Then he squeezed himself beside it and went to the classroom. Many students grumbled about the closet being in the way and making it difficult for them to go to their classroom. They also managed to squeeze themselves beside the closet and went to their classroom. Some students pushed the closet a few inches to make the more space beside it for them to pass by.

Only Nishanth stopped in front of the closet. He removed and placed his school bag near the wall and then pushed the closet with all his might. He managed to slowly push it to the end of the corridor and out of the way. His hands were tired and he was sweating when he finished the job. As he was rubbing his head and face with his handkerchief, it slipped and fell down. When he bent to pick it up, he noticed a box, which was gift wrapped, close to the wall where he had pushed the closet.
He picked it and all his classmates crowded around him to see what the box contained. Mary said, ‘Go on open it Nishanth. It is for you. I placed the closet in the corridor to see whether my students would work and try to push it out of the way. You were the only one who did. And hard work deserves a reward. So this is yours.’

Nishanth opened the box and was delighted to find three books of his favourite author in them. Mary’s students understood her lesson on hard work and its results that day.

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Superb!!! Message brought out very well.

Wonderful story

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