Gopal and the Cloud

There was a farmer named Gopal in the village of Harpanahalli. He was very hard working. He did not while away time in idle chatter. He avoided going out with friends and wasting time roaming around the village. All his friends made fun of him.

One day, a yogi who came to the village looked at the dry lands and said, “Your village will not see rain for a long time. A famine is in store for you.”

The scared villagers sought the yogi’s advice on ways to appease the Gods. They arranged special prayers and yajnas.

Busy with these details, not one farmer tended to his fields. Except Gopal. He continued to plough, weed and sow his fields. He worked hard from morning till dusk. The villagers laughed at him.

One day a passing cloud saw Gopal hard at work, tilling his soil. He had also noticed the neglected fields of the other farmers and observed their attempts to invoke rain. He heard the mocking voices directed at Gopal along with their snickers and sniggers.

The cloud, overcome by curiosity, looked down from the sky and asked Gopal, “Have you not heard the yogi’s prediction? There will be no rains for a long time. Why are you still working in your fields?”

Gopal looked at the cloud and said, “I am a farmer and my job is to take care of my fields. I am a son of the soil. If I don’t do my work for a long time, I might even forget to do it. So rain or no rain, my work will continue.”

There was so much belief and logic in Gopal’s words. The cloud was impressed. He thought, “My job is to rain. If I do not do so for a long time, I may forget my job.”

He decided to get to work immediately and started to rain. Gopal’s was the only field ready for the rain and he was the only one to reap the fruits of his labour, all because he believed in doing his job.

To reflect upon

Hard work can help us overcome difficult odds. What do you think?

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Too good Akka!!

Thank you, dear Keerthi.

Exactly hard work is the key to success

Yes, Uma. There is no substitute for hard work.

Great story??

Thank you, Kiran.

Work is Worship, Skills Excells?

Wow ! Beautiful story! Illustrations are very good ! Congratulations! Would love to read more of your stories !

Thank you so much, Usha Rajendra Rao. Delighted!
More of my stories on this site are here-

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