God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Once in a small village in Kancheepuram lived two best friends, Ramu and Sanju. Both Ramu and Sanju were farmers. The two had their own piece of land where they did farming. Both their farms were close to each other. They both spent almost all day together working in their respective farms and also had lunch together daily. The two had been friends since very long. One thing that was common in the two was probably the fact that both of them were very religious and god fearing. There was a small temple in the village, where the two would always pay a visit every morning before getting to their jobs. This was a part of their daily routine.

Everything was going smooth for the two friends till one day when it started rained heavily. The rains just didn’t seem to stop even after two- three days. The incessant rains brought great loss to many in the village, even to Ramu and Sanju. Their farms had been destroyed. Few days later after the aftermath of the rains, the weather was back to being normal. Everyone in the village tried getting back to their normal lives. Even Ramu got back to toiling in his farm day in and day out, but that wasn’t the case with Sanju. When Ramu checked with Sanju as to why he wasn’t getting back to work, Sanju replied saying, since he has been an ardent devotee all his life, god would definitely come to his help him soon. That is when Ramu explained to his friend that god would definitely come to help him, if he made an effort to help himself. After all, work is worship, and it was only foolish to expect god to help when we ourselves do not put in any efforts, especially during such difficult situations in life. Sanju thus learnt a valuable lesson that, “God definitely helps those who help themselves.”

To reflect upon

Even for prayers to be effective, effort is still necessary.

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