God always Helps

One rainy season, the south-west monsoon brought such heavy and incessant rains that the cities were flooded in the course of a week. All the people vacated their homes and moved to safer places.

A man, on the way to a shelter with his family, noticed that the priest of the Church had not left. He went to him and said, ‘Father, the city will soon be flooded. We are moving to a safer place. Please come with us.’

But the priest told him, ‘Son, I have faith in God. He will help me. I will not leave.’ Realizing that the priest was adamant, the man went away with his family.

Soon the water level rose and the floor of the Church was submerged. The priest climbed on a table and a man passing him in a boat noticed him. He called out, ‘Father, the water is rising fast. Please come with me in my boat,’

Again the priest replied, ‘Son, God will save me. You go on.’ The man had no choice but to row away.

The water started to reach the ceiling and the priest had to climb up to the roof. A navy helicopter saw him and threw down a rope ladder asking him to catch hold of it and climb up.

Still the priest refused saying that God will come to his help. The copter flew away to rescue other people stranded on their roofs nearby.

Now the Church was nearly submerged and the priest managed to keep his head just above water. He now started complaining that God had not come to help and save him.

God appeared before him and said, ‘Son, I did come to save you. I came as soon as the city started flooding and asked you to come with me to a safer place. I then came in a boat and later in a copter, still you did not take my help.’

The priest then realized that God always helps in His own ways. He took the last help that God offered and reached safety thanking God profusely for having saved him.

Moral: God gives us opportunities in many forms. It is for us to recognize them and utilize them to lead a happy life.

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Very rightly said. Interesting story.

Thank you, Kiran. This one has to be retold again and again.

Magically written! Loved it Kanchana

Thank you, Sucharita.

A story with a great lesson.

Thank you, Dheeraj. Yes, the story teaches us to recognize and value every opportunity.

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