Futility of Quarrelling

Do you like to share food or stuff with your sibling or friend? Or do you always feel the other gets a bigger share or better stuff? Well don’t, or you will feel as sorry as these two dogs, Timmy and Johnny.

Timmy and Johnny were the two pampered pets of the Joshi household. But the dogs never lost an opportunity to fight. The fights especially were around the food served to them. The Joshis tried to get the two dogs to be friendly with each other. They provided only one eating tray and drinking bowl to them in the hope that Timmy and Johnny will learn to share and stop their fights. But all their efforts were futile until one day on the event of Joshis’ son, Ravi’s, birthday.

After Ravi’s birthday party, Mrs Joshi served the birthday cake to Timmy and Johnny. She cut a huge piece into two, put them on a tray and placed it in front of the dog’s kennel.

As always the dogs started fighting about the pieces. The noise caught the attention of Snowball, the neighbour’s cat.

She strolled in casually and said, ‘Let me decide who gets which piece.’ The dogs agreed.
She said, ‘This piece is slightly bigger, so let me eat the extra bit to make the two equal.’
After she had a bite she said, ‘Oh, dear, now this piece is bigger, I’ll bite off that extra bit.’
Before Timmy and Johnny realized it, clever Snowball had eaten both the pieces of cake. She jumped over the wall and ran away laughing.

Now Timmy and Johnny settled the share between themselves and never fight about it. Snowball had truly embarrassed them by outwitting them completely.

To reflect upon

When friends fight, others can take advantage of our weakness and divide us. What are your thoughts on this?

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Absolutely. Divide and rule has been the trump card of many a victors.

True Geeta. And the sooner we realize that, the better.

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