Friends Forever

Chinnu loved her pet puppy Browny more than anything in the world. she was a gift that her parents gave her for her fifth birthday last year. Chinnu enjoyed playing with Browny in her big garden. Browny was just a little more than a year old. For Browny too Chinnu was the most special friend. The two never got tired in each other’s company. Mithu, the parrot who stayed in one of the orange trees in the garden often enjoyed seeing the two friends play. Mithu too became a good friend and a well-wisher of the two best friends.

One evening when Mithu returned back to her nest, she saw little Chinnu crying in the garden. Her parents standing near her looked sad as well. Mithu looked for Browny in the garden, but could not find her anywhere there. Mithu understood that everyone was sad as Browny had gone missing.

Mithu knew the value of friends and friendship very much. She could never see her friends being separated from each other. Mithu thought that she would go look for Browny wherever possible. She flew around for some time in search of Browny. To her surprise, she saw Browny sitting all alone and weeping inside one of the bushes behind the garden. Mithu understood that Browny had lost her way and was sad as she could not find her friend Chinnu. Without wasting any time, Mithu went and informed Chinnu about Browny. Chinnu ran to see Browny that very moment. Seeing the two best friends reunite was one of the most beautiful sight, thought Mithu to herself. Chinnu and Browny sincerely thanked Mithu for her help and also for proving that a friend in need, is truly a friend indeed.

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