Forgetful Meena

Nine year old Meena was everyone’s favourite. She was sweet and helpful but for one flaw, she was always forgetting things.
She forgot to turn off the switches when she left the room. She forgot to turn off the tap when she left the bathroom. She forgot where she had left her books and stationery and her mother had to always keep a check on her. Once when her grandfather handed over his glasses to her to keep them on his desk, she forgot where she had left them. Her grandfather had to forgo a meeting at his club that day as the glasses could not be found until the next day. Another time, she forgot about the library book she had borrowed from her friend, Radha, and poor Radha had to pay a fine.

Meena’s parents were vexed with this forgetful nature of their daughter. They were annoyed more because she did not make an effort to remember.

Meena’s birthday was approaching. She was excited about her party which would have her favourite vanilla cake shaped like a fairy and many games which her mother had planned. Her mother had written out ten invites for her friends and gave them to Meena to hand them over.

Now Meena’s mother was not very sure that Meena would remember to give out the invites. But she wanted her learn a lesson, so she did not remind her about it as she normally did. And sure enough, Meena forgot all about the invites. So, on the evening of her party, not one of her friends turned up. She waited impatiently in her beautiful birthday frock and her cake all set out on the table. But even after half an hour, when nobody arrived, her mother asked her, ‘you did hand out the invites, didn’t you Meena?’ But of course, Meena had forgotten!

When she tried to call up her friends, it was too late. Some of them had already left for other engagements and some of them did not want to attend with such a late invite. Poor Meena had a birthday without a party. She realized that day the importance of remembering things and began to truly make an effort not to forget, much to the relief of her parents.

Moral: Only after having a dose of your own medicine, you realize that it tastes very bitter.

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