Fair Reasoning

Once, a merchant named Ravi, suffered a huge loss in his iron business. Finally, all that he had left, was a block of iron.

Ravi decided to leave town and try setting up a business in the city. He went to his friend, Sunil and told him, ‘Please keep this block of iron safely for me. I am going to the city. I will collect it from you after I return.’ Sunil agreed readily.

After a few years, Ravi’s business did well in the city and he came back to town, a rich man. He bought a big house and set up a new business.

A few days later, he went to Sunil’s house. Sunil greeted him and after chatting for a while, Ravi asked him, ‘Thank you for keeping the block of iron safely for me Sunil. Now I will take it back.’

Sunil had no intention of returning the iron as he knew that it would fetch him a good price. Also, he thought that since Ravi had so much money now, it would not make a difference to him if he kept the block of iron. He did not stop to think that he could not possess something that belonged to another.

Sunil told Ravi, ‘Oh Ravi, I had kept that block of iron safely in my store room. But unfortunately, it was eaten up by mice.’

Ravi realized that Sunil wanted to cheat him of the iron. He kept quiet, thinking that he should teach Sunil a lesson. Before leaving, he said, ‘Can you send your son with me? I have bought some gifts for you, I will send them with him.’

Greedily, Sunil sent his son along with Ravi.

After a few hours, when his son did not return, Sunil went to Ravi’s house to enquire.

Ravi said, ‘Oh I brought your son safely, holding his hand, but a crow suddenly grabbed him and flew away.’

Sunil shouted angrily, ‘What a foolish thing to say! How can a crow carry a human?’

Ravi reasoned quietly, ‘the same way that mice can eat an iron block!’
Sunil hung his head in shame. He brought back the iron block and handed it over to Ravi and Ravi handed him his son.

To reflect upon

When one’s reasoning is fair, we can’t be cheated.

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