Everything has a reason

Neeru always had plenty of questions. She wanted to know why the earth was round, why the sky was blue, why she had to eat vegetables, why she could not get ice cream on trees and thus the questions never ended. Her mother patiently answered her but most of the time she said, ‘Neeru, everything has a reason. God knows best, so He planned the world this way.’

One day, Neeru had an experience which explained her mother’s explanation very well to her indeed. Neeru was visiting her uncle’s farm with her father. Her uncle grew vegetables and many fruits in the farm. Neeru was very excited to see the vast, green expanses of fields bearing the many vegetables and fruits.

Her uncle stopped at a watermelon patch, picked up one round watermelon from the creeper growing along the ground and plucked it. He cut chunks of the watermelon and handed them to Neeru and her father. As she bit into the delicious, fleshy fruit, Neeru’s questions began. ‘Why do watermelons grow on the ground and not on trees?’ While her uncle smiled, her father who was used to Neeru’s questions answered as her mother would, ‘Everything has a reason Neeru.’

Next they visited the mango orchard. Looking up at the ripe, yellow mangoes hanging on the trees, Neeru of course asked, ‘Why do mangoes grow on trees and not on the ground?’ Even before, she could close her mouth, a ripe mango fell off from the tree, right on top of Neeru’s head. ‘Ouch! That hurt,’ exclaimed Neeru rubbing at the little bump on her head.

Her father said, ‘Now do you understand why mangoes grow on trees and watermelons on the ground?’ Neeru stared at him as the realization dawned on her. ‘Yes, that small mango hurt me and caused pain. Imagine if a huge watermelon had fallen on my head!’

Then she added slowly, ‘There is a reason for everything. God certainly knows best.’

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Simple principle…explained so neatly…superb!

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