Busy is better

The noisiest room of the house, the kitchen, was silent only because it was night time. The stove-top sighed, “Now I can rest for some hours. My steel top is scalding with all the cooking today.”

The vessels from the cupboard clanked, “Our insides are hurting with the food being constantly stirred and scooped.”

Just then, mother came in and switched on the light. To the stove’s horror, she lit it. Taking out a pan and bowl, she made an omelette and transferred it to a plate.

Tony came in and she handed the meal to him, “Now this will keep you full and you can study well for a few hours.” After he finished eating, Tony switched off the light and the kitchen was quiet again.

“Now we have to work nights too, till Tony’s exams are over,” complained the refrigerator.

The pans, microwave and other occupants complained long into the nights, grumbling at being overworked.

But, a week later they all perked up. The family was going on a holiday for two weeks!

“Now we can completely relax,” said the counter. “No cooking,” whooped the stove top. “No washing,” said the sink. “A complete holiday,” they all chorused.

In four days’ time, the refrigerator said, “The silence is getting a bit boring isn’t it?”

The vessels in the cupboard agreed, “And there are ants coming in here, it’s terrible.”

After ten days, all the kitchen appliances and vessels looked tired and weary. The stove-top whispered, “There is so much dust on me. My burners are feeling rusty.”

“Cockroaches are climbing up my drain,” shuddered the sink.

“Being busy is definitely better,” said the microwave.

When the family returned, all the kitchen companions whooped in glee.

Mother asked puzzled, “Did you hear something Tony, it sounded like a gleeful shout?”

Tony replied matter-of-factly, “Oh!  that must be your kitchen friends, happy that we are back.”

Shaking her head at Tony’s imagination, mother went in to cook up a meal.

But, when she found the gas burning more merrily than usual and the vessels glinting with an extra shine, she was inclined to think the same too!

To reflect upon

How are your days spent?  What keeps you busy? What gets you feeling bored?

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Hey Kanchana… I loved this story. What a different take!

Thank you, Seema. Delighted you like the story.

Wonderful Akka.So different and nice.!!

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