Be kind to animals

Diya and her friends, who lived in apartments on the same street, went to school together. Their school was close by and they all walked to it every day. Surya and his friends, who were in a higher grade, were also from the same apartments and school.

One day, when Diya and her friends were returning from school, they saw a dog with tiny puppies near the dhobi‘s shop. They exclaimed in delight at the adorable babies and spent some time with them. This became a daily practice and soon the puppies were old enough to run around and the children had a merry time as they scampered and played with them. The children brought them food and nursed a bruise of a puppy when it got hurt. The puppies adored the children and rushed to them every day when they passed them.

But Surya and his friends enjoyed bullying the dog and the puppies. They poked them with sticks and threw pebbles at them, hooting with laughter when they yelped and ran away. Diya and her friends were angry and indignant but they could say nothing to the older children as they were afraid of them.

One day when Surya and his group were returning home from school, they heard shouts and the sound of stomping from the adjacent street. Suddenly a buffalo came racing from the street and seeing the children it headed towards them. The children stood petrified. The dog and the puppies were hunched up nearby, staring at the scene, but neither moving nor barking. Before the buffalo could come any nearer, Diya and her friends who were far behind came running. They called out to the dog and puppies by the names they had given them and immediately a chaos ensued. The dogs ran towards the buffalo and barked so fiercely trying to nip it at the same time that the buffalo stopped and stood. The herdsman who was waiting for this opportunity, cleanly lassoed the animal and dragged it away towards his herd.

Surya understood what a narrow escape they all had. He and his friends thanked Diya and all her friends profoundly. If they had not arrived in time the dogs would not have helped them. They understood that animals never forget kindness and they all started to befriend the dog and puppies and were always kind to them.

To Reflect Upon:
We are a part of nature and we can be well only if the world around us is in harmony. What do you think?

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Too good …..kindness to animals is what we need !!

Heart warming story.

Well-written!! Animals indeed sense and reciprocate kindness.

Interesting way to teach kids compassion and empathy Kanchana. I also appreciate the way you include wide vocabulary, mystery and values. Keep inspiring dear

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