All About Days

‘I am tired of writing exams,’ wailed Vivaan, ‘I wish we had an exam-free year.’

‘Well, exams are getting over tomorrow. So what’s the use of your wish now?’ grinned Arjun.

‘I don’t know if an exam-free year is feasible. But at least we can have an exam-free term,’ pondered Aarav.

‘What I would like to have is ‘No Work Day’. We all come to school but do no studying. Imagine what fun we can have!’ smiled Diya widely. ‘We can spend the day in the playground or library or at the drama, music and dance classes.’

‘How about a ‘Painting Day?’ said Aditi who was very good at art. We can paint during all the periods. Advaith, who hated painting, pretended to faint at Aditi’s words.

Medha, who was the class monitor, wanted to add her bit too. ‘What we need is a ‘Student’s Day’. Students should make all the decisions on that day.’

‘Very good idea,’ agreed all her friends.

‘We can decide to cut down on some lessons in maths.’

‘We can also decide not to assign homework.’

‘We can decide to extend the PT period.’

The class fell silent thinking of all the wonderful decisions they could make if there was a ‘Student’s Day’.

Inspired by all the talk about such ‘days’, Ishaan said, ‘I would suggest an ‘Ice Cream Day.’ We can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!’

‘Then we should also have a ‘Chocolate Day!’ exclaimed Aarush who loved chocolates.

As the class laughed at the two foodies, their teacher walked in. She said, ‘I overhead your discussion children. Can I add my bit too?’

The class listened attentively as she said, ‘If you think deeply you will realize that every day is a Fun Day. When you are with loved ones and friends you enjoy every moment, don’t you? When you are learning anything new you have an interesting time, isn’t it? When you keep yourself busy, each day is a Fun Day. Don’t you all agree?’

Everyone heartily said ‘Yes!’ in unison.

The teacher closed her ears laughing, ‘Now get back to your books or this will turn into a Noisy Day!’

Moral: Embrace each day with joy and enthusiasm, it will make every moment enjoyable.

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Very good write up kanchana di…… ????

Thank you, Uma.

Superb,lovely,very, very cute!!! Loved it!!

Thank you, Keerthi.

Wise words!!!

Thank you, Geeta.

Loved it. Short but so sweet and with such words of wisdom. Yes totally agree, enjoy everyday of your life!

Thank you, Kiran. Live every moment completely; that's right.

Indeed every day is a fun day!

True that, Shri. Thank you.

Such a cute story.

Thank you, Sri 🙂

Good one, …can relate..

Thank you, Srinivas.

Beautiful lesson. Very well written.

Thank you, Sanjay.

This is brilliant! Feels like a child again

Refreshes our school memories, right? Thank you, Sucharita.

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