A Liar’s truth is seldom believed

Riya was a cute little six-year-old girl. One thing she loved the most was playing in the park. She would spend hours and hours playing in the park, and would never complain of getting tired. Even though she loved her school, her teachers and classmates, getting up early in the morning for school was one thing she didn’t like much or rather detested to some level.

One day Riya was down with slight fever and her mother made her take two days leave from school. Riya’s mother took good care of her. Riya enjoyed the special attention and pampering she received from everyone around. Two days later, Riya was back in action as she got back to going to school. After a few days, Riya was too bored of the daily routine of going to school. She thought of ideas that would make her take a day off from school. Enjoying a day’s break and to top it, the special concern and pampering only seemed like a bonus to her. The next day, Riya went to her parents and complained of leg pain. Her father massaged Riya’s legs with warm oil to make her feel better. Her mother tucked her to bed and comfortably made her sleep. Just a few days later, Riya was bored of writing her classwork, so she pretended to be unwell in front of friends and class teacher. Riya’s teacher then called up her parents who informed them about Riya’s leg pain and made them take her home.

Even though Riya was enjoying the time at home, she missed her favourite play time in the park. Her parents didn’t take her to the park as they felt that would only increase her leg pain. Little did they know that Riya was just pretending all this while. Riya went up to her parents and requested them to take her to the park. She said she was feeling a little better. When her parents took her to the park for a small walk, they saw that she was running around and playing like she would on any other day. It didn’t seem like she had even a little pain. That is when her parents realised that Riya had been lying all this while and it was high time that she realised her mistake, they felt.

It was time for a good night’s sleep for Riya, but not before she realised her mistake, thought her parents. The story of ‘The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf’ is what they planned as the bed time story for Riya, who after the story, realised her mistake too and apologised profusely for her mistake. A liar’s truth would seldom be believed is a big lesson that she learnt and keeping her promise, never lied to her parents ever again.

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Good one….. Kids would surely njoy reading this

Teaching these early in their life, will have a great impact on kids when they grow. Especially in this modern era where of hundreds of them tell a thing it becomes truth.

Very true, Nithin…. Loved your comment.. Thank you so much…. 🙂

Well narrated . It resembles one of my friend's kid too .She does such activities .

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