A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Gautham and his friends were playing football in the playground of their neighbourhood. They did this every evening. A tea shop was nearby and a boy, Shankar worked there. While cycling back and forth delivering tea to the many shops in the neighbourhood, Shankar would stand for a while watching the boys play.
Although Gautham and his friends noticed Shankar and could understand that he was interested in playing with them, they never took any notice of him.
One day, in the month of annual exams, Gautham was cycling to his school. It was the day of Maths exam. Gautham was running late. All his friends had already left for school. As he was cycling speedily, the chain of his cycle broke. The incident happened near the playground.
Gautham grew very tense. He did not know what to do. He could not go back to his house and ask his father to drop him to school as he did not have enough time. Nor could he get his cycle repaired and make it in time for his exam.
As he bent down, trying to mend the cycle chain, he heard a voice. ‘What is the matter?’ When Gautham looked up, he realized that it was Shankar.
Gautham said in a worried voice, ‘The cycle chain is broken. I have to hurry to school as I have an exam today.’
Without hesitation, Shankar told him, ‘Here, take my cycle and go to write your exam.’
Gautham was taken aback by Shankar’s kind gesture. ‘But how will you deliver tea?’
‘I will walk.’
‘But I cannot return your cycle until evening, till I come back from school.’
‘Don’t worry. I will manage. Your exam is more important. So take my cycle and go. I will safe guard your cycle in the shop. You can get it repaired after you come back.’
Gautham thought as he cycled hurriedly to school on Shankar’s cycle, ‘I have always ignored Shankar but he has been so kind. I will be lucky to have him for my friend. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!’

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Very true …..very well written!

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