Homework and struggles with doing homework always comes up as a topic of discussion with me. Some of us forget to write down the homework topics at school, some of us are not organised, we don’t know where our homework books are, we don’t keep our writing tools in place to note down things in time. For some others amongst us we just don’t want to do it because it is boring, long and difficult. Here are some quick tips to solve your homework problems. […]


An ant, searching for food in a forest, felt thirsty. He bent down to drink water from a river. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew him into the water. The helpless ant struggled to climb up to the bank. Every time he tried, he fell right back into the water. […]


I firmly believe that dogs and children are a wonderful combination. A pet dog teaches your kids to love animals, care for them and lose their fear of dogs. They learn compassion and responsibility. And also grow up with a companion who showers them with unconditional love. […]


I was all excited when Lalitha Akka invited me for dinner, as she has the most amazing reputation for creating a feast for the eyes, mind and the palate. […]


A lion terrorized and attacked a group of animals every day leaving many injured and killed. The animals worried about their dwindling numbers, held a meeting and approached the lion. They spoke to him of a plan.
“Oh, mighty lion,” said a samba deer, “Please do not attack us. We will come to you one at a time every day. This way you will never go hungry.”
“Alright. I agree to your plan. But remember, if no animal comes, I will kill all of you.” […]


There was a farmer named Gopal in the village of Harpanahalli. He was very hard working. He did not while away time in idle chatter. He avoided going out with friends and wasting time roaming around the village. All his friends made fun of him. […]


Christmas was around the corner, Crystal and Natalie excitedly ran to up to their mother who was busy starting her preparations for the festival. The two sisters were pretty young, but would always show interest in helping their mother with things in whatever little way they could. “Mom, we really want to help you with all the Christmas preparations, please tell us what to do?”, requested the two girls to their mother. Mom told the two sisters that she would want them to help her with all the cleaning and decorations, but only after their school closes for Christmas. […]


Once in a small village in Kancheepuram lived two best friends, Ramu and Sanju. Both Ramu and Sanju were farmers. The two had their own piece of land where they did farming. Both their farms were close to each other. They both spent almost all day together working in their respective farms and also had lunch together daily. The two had been friends since very long. One thing that was common in the two was probably the fact that both of them were very religious and god fearing. There was a small temple in the village, where the two would always pay a visit every morning before getting to their jobs. This was a part of their daily routine. […]


Once, the sun and the wind got into a fiery argument. The sun said that he was the stronger of the two. The wind vehemently disagreed and proclaimed himself stronger. As the heated argument continued, they noticed a man with a coat walking on a road. […]