A rhinoceros who lived by the lake was very possessive of his surroundings. He shooed away any creatures who dared step into his territory, threatening them with his great horn. […]


The Puff Throated Babbler is found in scrub and moist forest mainly in hilly regions. They forage in small groups on the forest floor, turning around leaf litter to find their prey and usually staying low in the undergrowth where they can be hard to spot. They however have loud and distinct calls, including a morning song, contact and alarm calls. They can often be seen creeping through undergrowth in search of their insect food. […]


Savitha and Gopal earned their living by ironing people’s clothes. They had a cart under a neem tree in the neighbourhood where they did the ironing. In the morning, the couple would set out of their house with their lunch bags. While Gopal heated the coal and got the iron box ready, Savitha would go the houses in the neighbourhood and collect the clothes to be ironed. They did this for almost every house in the neighbourhod. Gopal and Savitha worked hard from morning till evening.
Every evening after counting out the day’s earnings, Savitha would keep aside ten rupees in a plastic container. She kept this on a shelf above her kitchen stove. Gopal would tease her about it, ‘What can you do with ten rupees?’ […]


One of the reasons why your child may have picky eating problems is he/she has something called Sensory Processing Disorder. For ease of reading, let us call these kids as sensory kids. Kids who are picky eaters at a very young age tend to remain so as they grow up into adulthood. […]


One horned rhinoceros use their dung to announce to their fellow Rhinos where they have been and to also mark their home range. Rhino’s also come back to the same spot to defecate everyday, thereby helping nearly 25 species of plants to germinate and thrive on the forest floor. Interestingly, nearly 18 out of this 25 plant species depend entirely on the Rhinos to germinate. […]


The Oriental Honey Buzzard is a resident raptor of the Indian subcontinent in South India and can migrate to Siberia and Central Asia in summer in North India, inhabiting woodlands of various climatic types, preferring broad leaved forest. They are found in a large range of habitats, from India to South Asia to China and Siberia. […]


‘My train is old and shabby. Your brand new one is awesome, Mahesh. I wish I could get a new one too.’ Gautham and Mahesh were playing in Gautham’s house. Mahesh told him, ‘your parents will get one if your old train is broken. I got mine the same way.’



India’s gift to the world – Yoga is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy and the mind alert. Here are some simple asana sequences for you to try.


Mrs. Mala, nutritionist at iSPARK Studio shares with you some very useful tips on understanding different types of foods and how they help us.